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The Franchise is a group of assassins that is similar to The Agency. They were led by Alexander Leland Cayne, a former director of the FBI, who, on a side note, is strongly "opposed" to legalized cloning as far as the public is concerned, even though The Franchise employs two secret clones to carry out hits.

Like the ICA, The Franchise has goverment agencies like CIA and FBI backing, this is one of the reasons that they are potent and comparable with the former.


They are out to destroy The Agency and succeed throughout the course of Hitman: Blood Money, supposedly leaving only Diana Burnwood and Agent 47 alive (Diana indicates, upon claiming she is shutting down the remnants of The Agency, that the only members of The Agency still alive are herself and Agent 47), although, according to The Agency's status during the events of Hitman: Absolution, its destruction seems to be but a ruse in order to trick the Franchise to reveal their leader. They send several assassins to kill Agent 47 and a sub-division of The Franchise dubbed The Crows to kill the Secretary of the Interior during the mission The Murder of Crows. At the end of Hitman: Blood Money, it is implied that Diana assimilates the assets of The Franchise into the ICA, or shuts it down completely.

Known Members

  • Alexander Leland Cayne – The leader of the Franchise and a former director of the FBI. He has been scarred and paralyzed by some accident or wound. He is very independent and is irritated to a great degree that his disability has left him unable to even "...light this damn cigar...." He is publicly against cloning, but his organization employs two clone assassins, and his personal views on cloning are unknown. He is killed by 47 during the funeral massacre in Requiem, along with everybody else in attendance.
  • Mark Purayah II – A member of The Crows. He is killed by 47 in the mission The Murder of Crows.
  • Mark Parchezzi III – The Franchise's top assassin and the leader of The Crows. He has been presumably killing Agency assets and post-mission newspaper articles hint towards his responsibility for other assassinations. Also its implied that he assassinated the former U.S. Vice President that caused Daniel Morris to take his place. He is tasked with killing U.S. President Tom Stewart and framing 47 during the mission Amendment XXV, but he is killed by 47 before completing the hit.
  • Angelina Mason – A member of The Crows who specializes in recon and support. 47 kills her during The Murder of Crows.
  • Raymond Kulinsky – A member of The Crows as well as a former professional athlete who has performed nearly 24 hits. 47 kills him in The Murder of Crows.
  • Maynard John – An assassin disguised as the Hell party's bartender sent to kill 47 in the mission A Dance with the Devil. 47 beats him in the duel Maynard John arranges.
  • Eve – A female assassin who is out to kill 47 by masquerading as the singer in A Dance With the Devil. 47 kills her after discovering her identity.
  • Mysterious female assassin – A female assassin tasked with killing 47 during the mission You Better Watch Out…. She is not an essential target, so it is up to 47 whether he kills her, and there is no bonus for doing so.
  • Diana Burnwood -- A double agent, she faked 47's death, saving the Agency from liquidation, and dodging death herself.
  • Daniel Morris -- A member of Alpha Zerox, employed by their Franchise division to become the acting U.S. Vice President, conspire with them to kill Burke and Stewart and use his position to uphold the ban of human cloning. He is killed by 47 along with Mark Parchezzi III in Amendment XXV.
  • Albert Fournier -- The corrupt Paris chief of police educated by the Franchise about 47, and sends a 51-man GIGN team to kill him. He is killed by 47 kill in Hunter and Hunted (Contracts).