Get past the jaguar

In this mission, you will start at the bridge. It is highly recommended that you obtain one of the guards' uniforms from the last mission. Cross the bridge with the disguise. Turn right and go straight until you pass near a wall that has a guard and a pig near it. Kill the pig while the guard is distracted. Pick the pig up. Turn back and turn right and go to the structure where you'll find an M16 rifle. You'll need it for the next mission. (Skip this if you have the sniper and you want to snipe Pablo). Go back, turn right, turn right one more time and go straight to find an ally (a member of the U'wa tribe), head into the small passway on the left side of the U'wa tribe member to get into the Jungle God's Altar. You can either run past the Jungle God (in that case, you won't even need to kill the pig) or you can drop the pig nearby and sneak past the Jaguar.

Video Guide

Hitman- Codename 47 -7 - The Jungle God -Walkthrough PC HD-02:28

Hitman- Codename 47 -7 - The Jungle God -Walkthrough PC HD-

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