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This walkthrough will bring you Silent Assassin rating on any difficulty.

Entering the slaughterhouseEdit

Take clothes of a butcher in front of you. Throw any firearms you have. Exit the truck and close the truck doors behind you by pressing a red shining button the side of the truck; if you don't, the butcher will inevitably wake up and run inside, blowing your cover. Now go through the area and you will see main doors where you will see two guards and some guests getting in party. Run up to a guard and wait for him to frisk you. Enter the double doors and you have gained access inside the slaughterhouse.

Finding the girlEdit

Now you will see another set of double doors in front of you. Go through them and go up the stairs in front of you. Go to your left and go through a few set of doors. When you come in one room filled with blood, crouch behind a meat processor. Wait there. Now a seriously mentally insane man, Sturrock's brother, will pass. When he enters, go in the room he was just in. After a cutscene you should pick up the dismembered arm of the girl as proof of death. While it may be tempting to kill him, doing so means you will spend the only non-target kill in the mission.

Killing Andrei PuscusEdit

Puscus is Sturrock's lawyer. He can be recognized by his black suit and red devil-like mask. The main difficulty with killing him is with the timing. He spends his time going between a restroom and the opium dens, where an opium waiter (dressed in red) serves him and other guests opium pipes. A disguise can be found in the locker room. Those are the only locations where he can be killed discreetly. He can either be killed with a melee weapon in the opium den if he's behind the screen. A problem with this is that others will become suspicious if 47 is seen with the other opium waiter since there is only supposed to be one. Killing Puscus in the restroom is also doable, but requires technique. If you do so, hide in the corner to the left of the door, enter stealth mode and wait for Puscus and his body guard to enter. Puscus will go to sink and look at the wall. Sneak past him and kill the guard (In Contracts, you can kill one enemy per level and still get Silent Assassin), then sneak up to Puscus and kill him as well. However, should you choose to kill Sturrock's brother just because, you will have to sedate the guard and then kill Puscus to get a Silent Assassin rating.

Killing The Meat KingEdit

Sturrock spends all his time in a bedroom on the upper floor (not that he can move anywhere else) alternating between being served whole fried chickens by butchers and being entertained by two prostitutes. The best and most discreet way to kill him is to disguise as a butcher, pick up a chicken (which is marked on the map with a moving POI) and deliver it to him. Since 47 will be frisked by a guard when trying to enter and can't fiber wire Sturrock where he lies, you will have to hide a weapon inside the chicken before entering the room outside the bedroom; either use a meat hook or some other melee weapon or, if you have killed Puscus, the silenced Silverballer found on him. After being frisked, go through the double door to the balcony and retrieve the weapon. When you then go inside Sturrock's bedroom, the prostitutes will leave. Press a button on the wall to lower the curtains so no-one can see through. Hand Sturrock the chicken and kill him while he scarfs it down.

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