Usual Method

This is the most commonly used method by players. It involves:

  1. Getting the Agency pickup
  2. Disguising yourself as a guard
  3. Getting on higher ground
  4. Sniping the target
  5. Escaping

Getting the Agency pickup

At the start of the mission, make your way to the Agency pickup. You'll be greeted with an Agency contact, who has brought a MI95 sniper rifle along with some ammo for you to use. In order to safely open carry this weapon, you need to disguise yourself as a guard.

Disguising yourself as a guard

Sedate the lone guard nearby and quickly drag his body into the corner where the Agency contact is. Take his clothes and get the sniper rifle.

Getting on higher ground

Go to the mosque and climb onto its roof. Make sure not to run or the guards will become suspicious. Take care not to stand too near to the edge or the guards praying inside the mosque will see you shooting.

Alternatively, you can go up on the building near the road. This will give you a better shot at the Khan, but the chances of getting caught in the act here is considerably higher.

Sniping the target

Once the motorcade gets near the gate, shoot the jeep in front of the limo. The motorcade should stop, giving you an opportunity to snipe the Khan.

Alternatively, you can try to shoot the Khan while the motorcade is moving. However, when sniping at the mosque, this is very difficult and you might hit the UN contact beside him instead, immediately failing the mission.


Once the Khan is dead, quickly make your way towards the exit before the UN troops gun you or anyone else down. It is a hole in a wall near the mosque.

Alternative Methods

  • It is possible, albeit difficult, to kill the target without guns. A long melee weapon such as a Katana or golf club should be able to go right through the limo and kill the Khan from the inside.
  • You could get the UN troops to accidentally kill the Khan. To accomplish this, trigger the motorcade's arrival (by going on higher ground) and stand in front of the gate. Once the jeep is right in front of you, shoot it with a silenced pistol. Once the motorcade stops, quickly holster your pistol and crouch in front of the jeep, before running towards the exit. If done correctly, the UN soldier behind the Khan will gun him down with an M60 machine gun.
  • Another way is to get the motorcade to stop midway. Once it stops, the limo driver should exit his vehicle in panic, leaving the door open and allowing you to shoot the Khan inside with a silenced pistol.