The Patriot (real name unknown) is a wrestler who appears in the mission Fight Night in Hitman: Absolution and Hitman: Sniper Challenge.

Character Information

The Patriot is a wrestler who challenges Blake Dexter's massive bodyguard Sanchez to a cage fight held at Dexter Industries. Not much is revealed about him personally other than that he is quite superstitious and has a teddy bear which he carries as a good luck charm. Many of the security guards at Dexter Industries place bets on him as being the underdog and can be heard saying that he is past his prime. Several of the guards have seen The Patriot in past wrestling matches and said that he was once a very skilled fighter. He travels in a Winnebago camper with his coach and ringside team that all adorn matching outfits. Some of the guards can be heard commenting on how The Patriot looks like a pansy wearing colorful tights and mask. His costume can be taken from him, in which case 47 can use it to fight Sanchez himself. If 47 takes another path, The Patriot will go up against him and spend the mission futilely attacking Sanchez. The Patriot is the name of a retired WCW and WWF wrestler Del Wilkes and WCW and ECW wrestler Salvatore Sincere, both known as "The Patriot". Wilkes has a very similar mask and costume. 


  • Even if 47 subdues or kills The Patriot and hides the body without taking his costume, he will still appear in the ring if 47 enters the arena via a ventilation shaft.
  • He appears in the Sniper Challenge, hitting a punching bag.

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