The Sarajevo Six are a group of side-objective targets in HITMAN™ as part of a PS4-exclusive series of contracts. They appeared during main levels over the course of 2016. Anything similar for season 2 is unconfirmed.


The Sarajevo Six were a group of six war criminals who committed several atrocities during the Siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War (1992–1995), including mass murder of civilians, while working for the private military corporation CICADA. Having avoided military tribunals since the mid-1990s, they are now being targeted for a contract killing by the International Contract Agency.


  • Scott Sarno
    • Title: Director
    • Nationality: French
    • Last Seen: Paris, France
  • Gary Lunn
    • Title: Enforcer
    • Nationality: Canadian
    • Last Seen: Sapienza, Italy
  • Walter Menard
    • Title: Extractor
    • Nationality: German
    • Last Seen: Marrakesh, Morocco
  • John Stubbs
    • Title: Veteran
    • Nationality: British
    • Last Seen: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Patrick Morgan
    • Title: Mercenary
    • Nationality: American
    • Last Seen: Colorado, United States of America
  • Taheiji Koyama
    • Title: Controller
    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Last Seen: Hokkaido, Japan