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Tom Isaksen was the Lead Character Artist on Hitman Absolution at IO-Interactive. Currently he is working out of Brasília, Brazil as a freelance 3D artist and consultant. Isaksen works jointly with IO Interactive and Square Enix on the character cinematic and rendering to in game characters. [1]


Isaksen has worked in the computer games and animation industry since 2000. During that time he spent three years as Lead Animator and 8 years as Technical Director / Lead Character Artist.

Isaksen completed a Masters of Art degree in Computer Animation from NCCA Bournemouth University in the UK in 2000. Apart from hands-on-experience designing and developing characters, Isaksen have several years of experience as a Lead Artist keeping track of production schedules, people management, handling outsourcing studios and teaching, alongside regular production.

Isaksen's main interest and competency lies within character development, but his interested in pretty much anything character-related: 3D CG Characters, modeling, texturing, skinning, developing an entire production pipeline for AAA video games, or finding new ways to enhance the workflow.


  • Hitman: Absolution (IOI/Square Enix) - Lead Character Artist
  • Kane & Lynch 2 (IOI/Square Enix) - Special Thanks (For helping develop character production pipeline)
  • Mini Ninjas (IOI/Eidos) - Special Thanks (Early character development)
  • Kane & Lynch (IOI/Eidos) - Additional Art (For helping develop character production pipeline)
  • Hitman: Blood Money (IOI/Eidos) - Lead Character Artist (BAFTA nomination for best Character, Agent 47)
  • Hitman: Contracts (IOI/Eidos) - Character Artist
  • Underground Ernie (BBC) - Lead Animator
  • Carlton's Starfinder (ITV) - Environment Artist
  • Wheels on the Bus (GMTV) - Lead Animator


Isaksen published some developer renders in his official website.



  • Occasionally Isaksen gives lectures at The Danish Design School and acted as an examiner for the Game and Interaction Design program. [2]
  • Isaksen is also the owner and manager of Character Ink, a 3D animation company based in Brazil.



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