Tommy Clemenza (also known as Tom the Tailor) is a friend, an International Contract Agency contact, and tailor for Agent 47.

Hitman: Absolution

Seen in the Hitman: Absolution mission One of a Kind, Clemenza is the tailor of Agent 47's signature suit and appears to be a very talented tailor.

After Agent 47's final encounter with Clive Skurky and before his final showdown with Blake Dexter, Agent 47 stops by Clemenza's shop to gain a new suit for his arrival at Blackwater Park. Clemenza can be seen leading the player towards the new suit in the shop, and once acquired will stand at the desk.

According to what Agent 47 says in the mission information, Clemenza is revealed to be an Agency contact for a while.



  • Tom is referenced in HITMAN™ during the final tutorial level, The Final Test. When the target Jasper Knight attempts to call the KGB on the radio, he refers to himself as "Blind Tailor".
  • Tom's blank stare, all-gray eyes, and body movements suggest that he has extremely poor eyesight or is fully blind.
  • In the basement of the tailor shop, he has a collection of newspapers and disguises of Agent 47's previous victims.
  • It is impossible to kill Clemenza. Even if Agent 47 acquires a weapon, he will not use it on Tommy.

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