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Tova Holm is a minor character in Hitman: Enemy Within.

She is a blonde Puissance Treize assassin, sent to eliminate Agent 47 at the Hotel Central in Sintra, Portugal. She is accompanied by her partner and lover Hans Pruter, and is deduced by 47 as the "hunter".

Role in Enemy Within

Tova and Hans are redirected from an assignment in Prague by Pierre Douay to intercept 47 before he kills Aristotle Thorakis. As soon as the 'tourist couple' check into the hotel, 47 instantly sees through their disguises.

Tova was responsible for acquiring the hotel's guest list and identifying their target. Wearing a skimpy tennis outfit, she flirts with a young clerk and successfully obtains the list. After narrowing down the list to three names (one of which was 47's alias, "Tazio Scaparelli" the Italian paparazzi), she bribes a maid for her outfit and inspected each room under the guise of housekeeping.

As she enters Alexandru Cosma's room however, she is ambushed by 47 who was waiting for her. 47 injects her with a poisonous substance and proceeds to take photos of her corpse, planning to use them to draw Hans out of hiding.


  • The novel mentions that the Hunter-Killer couple have assassinated thirty two targets throughout their career.

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