First, move forward and then change to the suit on the left. The door lead to the hallway will automatically open after you change to the suit. Move into the movement training room. Get across the obstacles. Take the elevator at the end of the hallway. After leaving the elevator. You'll get across several weapons training room. Pick what you want then enter the mockup. Remember to switch to another weapon when the current one is out of ammo. Take the elevator after exiting the mockup. Another weapon training room will appear, but with heavier weapons. Pick a weapon then take the elevator. Upon the elevator stop, a guard is patrolling. Kill him, drop your non-concealable weapons and take his clothes. Go through the door, wait for the guard open another door (Don't kill him before he opens it). Then you can ignore or kill him. Whatever you choose to do, you'll end up at a door leading to a hallway. 47 escapes as a man watching him on CCTV laughs.

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