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Disambig This article is about the Hitman: Contracts iteration. For the Hitman: Blood Money iteration, see Hideout.

The Training Area is a location that appears in the training mission of Hitman: Contracts.


The Training Area is a gray structure, which holds a somewhat-contemporary look. The location is used as a area to store weapons, practice stealth mechanics, and practice aiming.

The Training Area's layout starts with the main hall, the center of the room displaying gun racks holding various weapons collected over Agent 47's experience throughout the game. Around the room are three sets of doors; the doors leading to the west being the sniping range, the doors leading to the east being the stealth training, and the doors aiming south lead to the target range.

Sniping Range

The sniping range is a very long room, where the player can practice using sniper rifles they've collected throughout the game. The targets vary in distance, and will drop down when shot. After a period of time, they will prop back up. Along with the main hall, a copy of the sniper rifles collected throughout the game will appear here.

Target Range

The target range is a simple course consisting of forty-four targets, and is highly reminiscent of the original target range from Hitman: Codename 47's Training. The player can control Agent 47 as he moves through tunnels marked with arrows, aiming and shooting targets as they appear. At the end, the player gets a message at the top left displaying the targets hit.

Stealth Range

The stealth range is the final location within the area. The range is full of SWAT members which will aim and shoot at Agent 47 on sight. The player must use sneaking mechanics to kill, disguise, and maneuver throughout the zone. It is impossible to complete fully silent, as the guards looking into the last hallway will always see Agent 47 as he is sneaking, which will lead to a firefight of all the SWAT members.


  • Suit - Starting outfit for Agent 47.
  • SWAT - Worn by SWAT members in the stealth training area. Can be worn to bypass guards.


Main Hall

Sniper Range

Target Range

Stealth Range


  • Agent 47 cannot lose any health in this level, even if he is shot by the SWAT team.
  • If the SWAT members in the stealth range are alerted by gunshots, and can't find Agent 47, all SWAT members will retreat to the main hall, where they will sit in the middle of the gun rack section. They return to their positions after a period of time has gone by.
  • The SWAT team will act aggressive toward Agent 47 as all aggressive NPCs do, which means they will try to eliminate Agent 47 whatever the cost. If these members are indeed actors for the Agency's training of Agents, killing the members cannot be considered be good practice by any stretch of imagination. So, it is very likely that the training level was a last minute effort by the developers to implement a training section in the game.
    • This might have been addressed in HITMAN™'s tutorial missions. As both facilities are surrounded by snowy mountains, it could be assumed that both locations are owned by the Agency. In the latter game, it's explained that the Agency uses simulated weapons against actors during agent training.
  • The stealth area is impossible to complete as a swat member will always spot Agent 47 at the end of the low wall at the right side of the area, which triggers all the SWAT officers to exit their rooms and come in pursuit to eliminate Agent 47.
  • Oddly, there is a SWAT outfit outside the boundaries of the map, only accessible if you use the "Beam Here" cheat code.
  • Strangely, if one were to be playing this level on the PlayStation 2 and insert Hitman: Blood Money's disc in without resetting the console, the background music would change to very fast paced version of Hitman: Blood Money's menu theme, and would also consist of Joseph Clarence's phone call to his lover, also sped up.

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