Tuulia Hernandez is a rogue ICA agent, that Agent 47 is ordered to kill in Hitman: Sniper.


Hernandez will hang around the mansion on the right side of the map, constantly hiding from view. At the beginning, she is smoking behind the leftmost pillar. She will then walk to the rooftop and carry out her hit, even if Leftkos never appears. If she takes out a target, she will walk down out of sight and exit the map. Unlike most targets, if Tuulia is your main target, it will not warn you when she leaves, so keep an eye on her.


If you are doing a mission that requires no guard alerts taking out Tuulia is one of your first priorities. If left unchecked she could assassinate Baltasar Cabasso or Leftkos, alerting the guards and failing the sub-contract.


  • It is unknown whether Hernandez was hired to kill Leftkos, or if it was a personal matter.
  • Even before she is classified as a target, Hernandez has the same character model and is considered an enemy.