The Tuxedo is a special Suit found in Hitman: Blood Money and HITMAN™. The tuxedo has no real benefit in either game, and works the same as the normal suit.


The tuxedo is a special suit that can be found both in Hitman: Blood Money and the 2016 release HITMAN™. They both, in functionality, work the same as the default suit. The tuxedo in the Hitman: Blood Money mission Death on the Mississippi has no special benefit, and does not give special access to the VIP area. The tuxedo in HITMAN™ is the default starting suit for the mission The Showstopper, and allows Agent 47 to access non-restricted areas.


Hitman: Blood Money

  • Death on the Mississippi - Found in cabin 322. Can only be entered when the guest with the keycard is approached in a Purser uniform. Cabin 322 can also be entered with the use of a master keycard which can be obtained from a Purser roaming around that area. Of course, shooting the lock is an option as well, due to the relatively empty surroundings.


  • The Showstopper - Default starting suit.
    • Completing 1 Elusive Target in Paris unlocks a gloved version as a possible starting suit in any level.


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