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Tzun, also known as Zun, is Lee Hong's personal bodyguard and his right-hand man, thus he will escorts him everywhere to guard him from any possible danger, including tasting Lee Hong's food for poison.


He is Chinese, bald, overweight and clothed in a red dressing gown. Despite his weight, he is as fast and agile as any other person.


  • He has the ability to look through guard disguises that 47 uses, one of the only characters in Codename 47 with this ability (another is the Hong Kong Chief of Police).
  • Although he is Lee Hong's bodyguard, he will not go into his room.
  • Likely a result of being so overweight, he can withstand more the average amount of gunshots needed to kill a man. Furthermore, it is not possible to kill him with Lee Hong's poisoned sword in combat (but a strike from behind will still kill Tzun in one blow).
  • In Hitman Contracts, Zun's random room checks can be used against him. At some point he does go down into the basement where the speed boat is; this provides a perfect opportunity to quietly take him down using the fiber wire and leave no risk of someone discovering the body.


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