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Udre Belicoff (portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick) is a character in Hitman (movie). He is the brother of Russian President, Mikhail Belicoff.

Hitman (movie)

An infamous arms dealer as well as slave and drug trafficker. Agent 47 killed him as a favor to the CIA, as well as forcing the fake Belicoff to expose himself into the open in order to attend the funeral.



  • The sequence of his death seems to pay homage to the film Scarface, as the protagonist in the film, Tony Montana, trafficked drugs and had a large mansion complete with black marble and fountains.
    • In addition to dealing, they both used cocaine personally.
    • He also had an M4A1 with a grenade launcher which he was trying to sell to Agent 47 (although he more favored the RPD).
    • He was shot (like Montana) into an indoor pool, with his blood mixing into the water.

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