Barcode Society - May 10 Countdown Timer

Hi everyone. Alex007X here. We have a breaking news for all of Hitman fans everywhere. Get ready.

A mysterious countdown timer was put on the main page of Barcode Society, ready to be set off tomorrow around 14 UTC.

Along with the countdown, we are also presented with a Twitter post from IO Interactive that announced something big is going to happen on May 10.

Alright, Hitman fans. MAJOR announcement coming up on May 10th. You do not want to miss this one.
IO Interactive's Twitter post on May 7

What this announcement is about is something we have yet to know, at least, till tomorrow... Ready your suit and reload your Silverballer, agents. We have a target to get.

Credits goes to CRRPGMykael for this important information.

Absolution (Pre) - 10 May 2012

Coming soon... May 10

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