Hello 47, this is Diana from The Agency

Fat Shark

Fat Shark

Hi everyone! Alex007X here! I am here just to announce something important about the Hitman Wiki. We have been featured in a weblog of Barcode Society! The article in question is Meet The Team - Tore Blystad. Go there! Look for an image of a big shark (like the one above) and see below it. Yes, Hitman Wiki! Hurray! The photo is Fat Shark, uploaded by Kaloneous. Congrats, Kal! Hope this cheers you up! Well, let's work hard to make Hitman Wiki more popular! Thanks for your help, everyone!

On the other hand, Barcode Society has allowed fans to post questions about Instinct Mode in a comment section of the article Ask Us About Instinct. The best questions will be answered in their first video.

Well, that's all everyone, till we meet again!

  Alex007X[Talk Page]  

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