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Hi! Today, I just found news about Square Enix Europe tradermarked some new Hitman IP, which are Hitman Sniper Challenge and Hitman: Profession (both tradermark are filed in Europe).

It's currently unknown what those are, but based on information Siliconnera, both could be new video games. Another info, Square Enix Montreal is working on a video game under IO Interactive supervision, which might be either of them. Further information is currently in the dark though.


I have found some more news regarding Hitman: Profession. An article from Softpedia stated that

The new game will use the traditional mechanics of the series, challenging the player to use stealth and careful planning in order to get through the game, although a new game mode will allow newcomers to also have a crack at embodying the Hitman.

As for the platform, the same article from Softpedia speculate that it might be released for Wii U. Though, Gamerant mention that it could be a post-release DLC to Hitman: Absolution.

As for Hitman Sniper Challange, Windows7Themes says that it could be either a PlayStation Vita or Facebook game. It also says that the AAA title (possibly Profession) that Square Enix Montreal are developing might not be released before late 2013 while Sniper Challange could be released sooner.

But, in the end, all of these are just rumors for now, so stay tuned for more updates.


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