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Hello 47, this Diana from the Agency

Hello again, everyone! Alex007X here. Another week has passed, but this week is not an ordinary one. IO Interactive finally revealed Hitman: Absolution release date! It is November 20, so mark your calendar now. After that, read our newest The Daily Hitman!

Hitman Updates

Hitman: Absolution and Hitman: Sniper Challenge release date

Article of interest: Countdown to 10 May and Sniper Challenge and Absolution Release Date

Remember about the countdown in Barcode Society a few days ago? Turns out, it is a countdown to a weblog about the release date of Hitman: Absolution, which is November 20.

Not just that, IOI also unveiled Hitman: Sniper Challenge, a game we once mentioned before back in January. It is, like its name suggest, a sniper game where 47's objective is to shoot Richard Strong, Jr and his bodyguards with his trusty Agency Kazo TRG sniper rifle. The game comes complete with leaderboard feature and integration with Absolution (all your equipment upgrades can be transferred to Absolution once it comes out).

It would arrive only on PS3 and Xbox 360 as GameStop pre-order bonus for Absolution, on May 15. However, if for some reasons you are unable to pre-order it, pre-ordered from another retailer, or an avid PC gamer, IOI told us that they are trying to release it for PC via Steam on August 1.

Well, now, you have three dates to look after. Mark your calendars, agents. Oh, by the way, did you know that May 10, 2011 was also the day of the unveiling and release of the first teaser trailer of Absolution?

Also, check out the Sniper Challenge trailer below.

Hitman Sniper Challenge Announcement Trailer North America

Hitman Sniper Challenge Announcement Trailer North America

Hitman: Sniper Challenge Announcement Trailer (North America)

Hope News Times - Issue 2 and 3

Article of interest: Issue 2 and Issue 3

Last week's The Daily Hitman only covered the first issue, so here we go, two issues of Hope News Times at once! Enjoy a little sneak peek on Hope, a town set to be featured in Hitman: Absolution.

Although the pictures itself would just make you wondering what they are about, looking at their respective articles in Barcode Society would reveal some of the mysteries. The links are above (just below the heading).

The ICA Files: Benjamin Travis

Article of interest: Benjamin Travis ICA File

Another ICA Files, video feature about a particular cast in Absolution. This time, it focused on Benjamin Travis, a new character set to be 47's handler to replace Diana.

Hitman Absolution Travis ICA File North America

Hitman Absolution Travis ICA File North America

Benjamin Travis - ICA File

Closing words

Whew, that's all, everyone! A week full of buzz, isn't it? Wait for other Absolution sneak peaks after this in the next Daily Hitman.

And here is a nice gameplay video showcasing Agent 47's finest skills.

Hitman Absolution Gameplay 1 Introducing Agent 47 US

Hitman Absolution Gameplay 1 Introducing Agent 47 US

Introducing: Agent 47

Note: All images and videos are courtesy of Barcode Society and IO Interactive