Daily Hitman
Hello 47, this Diana from the Agency

Hello everyone! Time for another The Daily Hitman, shall we? Even though we don't have much news brewing around this time, hope you enjoy reading it. Oh, and happy April Fools too! However, we won't pull any lies today, so read on!

Community Updates

Wikia Chat Replaced with IRC

IRC - Main Window

IRC - Main Window

Articles of interest: Forum:IRC (the discussion) and Hitman Wiki IRC

As per community discussion, effective since April 1, 2012 03:04, the Hitman Wiki has removed the Wikia Chat feature. (rest assured that this is not April joke) So, from now on, we would use the IRC for chat. Using it would require registration, but it is free. We recommend you to use the same user name you use at Hitman Wiki. Hop on to the IRC for discussion.

Hitman Updates

Agent 47 coming to PAX East

Articles of interest: Hitman: Absolution at PAX East and PAX East page of the demo

That's right, Hitman: Absolution will premier at PAX East, Boston on April 7 at 7:30 local time. There will be gameplay demonstration of the Rosewood Orphanage level for an hour. Plus, the developers will come too! They will make presentation and take on questions, so those Hitman fans who live near Boston surely will be interested to go there.

Closing words

Well, that's it. Yes, this edition of The Daily Hitman is rather short due to shortage of news. Hopefully, the next edition will come out with more. Have any good news for Hitman? You can share it in Jorrvaskr/News. Till later, everyone.

And one more thing,

Box art for Hirman Absolution

Just in case you missed the previous blog post, this is what Hitman: Absolution will look like in stores

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