Daily Hitman
Hello 47, this Diana from the Agency

Well, two weeks after the Hitman: Absolution release date announcement, it seems that the buzz has gone off a bit. But, that doesn't mean that IOI stop there, and neither will we. Read on, everyone!

HSC - Building Party

The grandiose location of Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Hitman updates

Hope News Times - issue 4 & 5

Articles of interest: Presenting - Hope News Times Issue 4 and Presenting - Hope News Times Issue 5

Two new issues of the Hope News Times, giving you insight of Hope, a new location that will be featured in Absolution. And like always, in their respective article, there is an extra picture right after the picture, showing that 47 was the one responsible for the crime. However, the follow-up picture in the fifth issue is a bit special. Go see it!

Trivia: did you noticed that issue 5 is smaller in size than the previous issues?

Hitman: Sniper Challenge walkthrough

Articles of interest: Sniper Challenge challenges revealed

For those who have started playing Hitman: Sniper Challenge, some of you might find difficulty with some challenges. So, GameSpot UK created a great walkthrough for you. In addition to step-by-step text, videos are also available there to let you see how it is done. It is recommended that you read it only when you are really stuck, so experiment and try more before using the guide.

Wikia at E3 2012


E3 Logo

Articles of interest: User blog:JAlbor/Wikia at E3 2012

As the name suggests, Wikia will be on E3 2012, a famous event for computer and video games presentation, of which Hitman: Absolution is also included. So, JAlbor, a Wikia staff, told us in his blog that if they got a chance, they could ask the devs some questions. Head to his blog, and tell us what question you have via comment!

Community updates

Countdown timer

Articles of interest: Main Page

You might want to see the infamous red countdown timer, used to announce the release date of Absolution . In a similar mission, on May 20, we set up a countdown timer for the release dates of Hitman: Absolution and Hitman: Sniper Challenge for PC. It is on the Main Page, just below the "News" section, so check it out!

Closing words

Even though in this week we are not greeted with important news regarding Absolution, the release date we have been given two weeks ago has given both us and the Hitman franchise a momentum we really need, and so we hope it would last for a long time. Till next time, everyone! Thanks for reading!

And, here is a behind-the-scenes video of Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Enjoy!

Hitman Sniper Challenge - Behind The Scenes North America06:21

Hitman Sniper Challenge - Behind The Scenes North America

Behind The Scenes - Sniper Challenge

Note: All images and videos are courtesy of Barcode Society and IO Interactive

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