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  • Amnestyyy

    Hello one and all, this is your bureaucrat speaking :)

    With the recent promotion of Alex007X to admin, we have lost our very last moderator. Now seemed like the right moment to start a little experiment the staff had been discussing for a while - the Agency Program.

    The idea is that Kaloneous, Alex007X and me all take one user under our wings and train him in the use of our Manual of Style, categorization, community-related issues, and probably some other things I can't think of now. How we will be doing this depends on the person you get as your mentor.

    Thus, we are looking for three users who are willing to be trained. This training, if you manage to increase in skill and proficiency enough, will most likely result in the user being promote…

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  • Amnestyyy

    All kinds of thingies!

    January 26, 2012 by Amnestyyy

    Hello people of Hitman wiki!

    As you all know, news about new games and books has been dripping in, and there have been a few blogs about those, so I suggest you check them out! It will surely be worth your time :)

    I also wanted to point out our growing community! Together, we seem to be rebuilding this wiki back to the glory it deserves! I also want to ask everyone to check out Jorrvaskr (Yes, again!).

    But, most importantly, I am writing this blog to inform you of a few recent changes in the staff panel! Kaloneous has been promoted to Administrator for all the work he has done around here (I think he even did more than I did!). Also, Alex007X has entered the staff panel as a moderator. I'll be expecting a speech from both of them in the comme…

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  • Amnestyyy

    Bureaucrat: Evaluation

    January 18, 2012 by Amnestyyy

    Hello there people! It's me, again...

    Now that we've got the revamp of Hitman wiki on the way, I figured it was about time for my first evaluation moment. Therefore, I'm asking you (all of you who read this), some questions:

    What do you think of me as the bureaucrat? How am I doing my job? Am I upholding my responsibilities? Do you have anything I can improve on? What is your overall impression? etc. etc.

    Feel free to answer any of the above questions in the comments section below, but please do it in such a way that I can work with them. "You're a bad bureaucrat." is not helpful. "I think you could improve by being more active" is helpful.

    Just keep that in mind :)

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  • Amnestyyy


    December 30, 2011 by Amnestyyy

    Hello, Hello!
    First of all, Subtle and I need to apologize for neglecting the wiki for the past few weeks... we haven't done much, except for plotting and planning.
    And now
    We have thought up a plan that will (hopefully) get the revamp of Hitman wiki going!
    We have created Jorrvaskr, a central hub where the two of us will post projects. Editors can sign up for these projects, work to complete them, and will be rewarded upon completion. All the information you need is on the page itself, so please, by all means, check it out! :D
    Now, this plan has one minor "drawback," indeed: We need YOUR help! please feel free to sign up for any project that has open spots and edit away!
    Happy editing!
    Nesty & Subtle

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