Hello people of Hitman wiki!

As you all know, news about new games and books has been dripping in, and there have been a few blogs about those, so I suggest you check them out! It will surely be worth your time :)

I also wanted to point out our growing community! Together, we seem to be rebuilding this wiki back to the glory it deserves! I also want to ask everyone to check out Jorrvaskr (Yes, again!).

But, most importantly, I am writing this blog to inform you of a few recent changes in the staff panel! Kaloneous has been promoted to Administrator for all the work he has done around here (I think he even did more than I did!). Also, Alex007X has entered the staff panel as a moderator. I'll be expecting a speech from both of them in the comments below!

Sadly, we had to demote The Loyal Recruit due to inactivity... However, he agreed with the decision and has decided to work his way back to the top!

That's all for now, keep up the good work and make sure this wiki becomes something to be proud of!

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