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    August 30, 2013 by Assassin 47

    Hey guys, 

    I won't be active on the Wiki for at least a month now (exams). 

    All I need is a favor. If possible keep updating the "Awards and Nominations" page, if you find some more awards won by the series. 

    Assassin 47

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    Hitman 6

    August 11, 2013 by Assassin 47

    Hey guys,

    Well as we all know there are rumors about Hitman 6. Well to all those who don't, they are:

    • It might be called Hitman: Profession
    • It's pre-order bonus might be Hitman: Sniper Assassin
    • It may release on Fall 2014
    • It may or may not feature 47
    • It was first bieng made by Square Enix Montreal
    • It is now in pre-production at IO Interactive

    Well, I hope it will be really good. Here is a list of a few things missing in Absolution, and things which can be added to Hitman 6:

    • Customize your weapons
    • Carrying over of weapons/ choosing weapons at start of mission
    • Map
    • There can be a new feature, well I just imagined it. By pressing some controls 47 can either behave according to disguise or according to environment
    • Pick up your own choice of 2 handguns
    • Show s…
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