Hey guys,

Well as we all know there are rumors about Hitman 6. Well to all those who don't, they are:

  • It might be called Hitman: Profession
  • It's pre-order bonus might be Hitman: Sniper Assassin
  • It may release on Fall 2014
  • It may or may not feature 47
  • It was first bieng made by Square Enix Montreal
  • It is now in pre-production at IO Interactive

Well, I hope it will be really good. Here is a list of a few things missing in Absolution, and things which can be added to Hitman 6:

  • Customize your weapons
  • Carrying over of weapons/ choosing weapons at start of mission
  • Map
  • There can be a new feature, well I just imagined it. By pressing some controls 47 can either behave according to disguise or according to environment
  • Pick up your own choice of 2 handguns
  • Show some more old characters, like Agent Smith, Father Vittorio

Any more interesting ideas you guys think should be in the next installment, please feel free to tell me or the whole world.

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