• Battlefield4us

    Hey there guys, battlefield4us here, and this is my first blog on the upcoming Hitman Agent 47 movie. (the one that people are hating because it wasn't like the video games). So far, my impressions of the movie are just okay, I never played hitman before, but I'll look into it soon enough, but for today, thre are some hidden secrets of the movie, so let's look at them and find some for ourselves.

    Unknown guy: why don't we start with your name?

    Agent 47: 47.

    Unknown guy: That's not a name.

    47: No, but it is mine.

    So the trailer explains a few things about what's going on.

    People have figured out that the plot revolves around 47, but now they've revealed a new character into the mix.

    We have Katia Van Dees aka Agent 18 (at least that's what they sai…

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