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  • I was born on March 28
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  • Jpx400

    My first Fan Fiction

    March 11, 2013 by Jpx400

    This weekend I put up the first chapter of my first attempt at fanfiction. It takes place after the events of Blood Money but before the events leading up to Absolution. Here 47 and Diana are working for the Agency again. The story is the first part of a trilogy involving the same villain.

    • Hitman - The Other Man

    The remaining chapters have been written and will be posted weekly. Please give feedback, if it's not too much trouble.

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  • Jpx400

    Hitman Trilogy

    January 28, 2013 by Jpx400

    Well, it came a bit late, but they're releasing the Hitman HD Trilogy. I'm not planning to buy it myself, though; I've had Blood Money for years and bought the first three games (only played through Contracts, though) as a separate trilogy for PC.

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  • Jpx400

    Okay, I did a walkthrough on Terminus:

    • Terminus/Walkthrough

    It gives descriptions of the different paths that can be taken to reach the goal. I was thinking we could do the other stealth walkthroughs the same way.

    Thoughts? Please comment.

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  • Jpx400

    Absolution Walkthroughs

    December 8, 2012 by Jpx400

    I've put together a walkthrough for The King of Chinatown as a sample walkthrough or Absolution guides. It's found here:

    • The King of Chinatown/Walkthrough

    This was a pure assassination mission, so all I did here was name the various ways to kill the target. For missions that have more than one segment, we'll of course have to divide the walkthroughs into those segments. Also, in purely stealth-based mission walkthroughs, we'll have to include guides both on how to sneak through with disguises and with only the Suit (if it's possible). I'd also like to suggest that we keep Challenge solutions away from mission pages and only put them in walkthroughs so users only get them if they want to read them.

    These are just my suggestions for future walkth…

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  • Jpx400

    I guess IO's reaching out to more gamers in the final days before Absolution is released. Apparently, Agent 47 (and what I'm guessing is a Silverballer) is now available as a skin in Sleeping Dogs.

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