Community Update


Hi Everybody,

I was going to leave this until next week's news blog but we have been added sooner then I thought. Anyways, this is just a quick blog post to inform the community that the Hitman Wiki has been given a place on Wikia's gaming spotlight section alongside powerhouses like the Mass Effect Wiki.

Wikia's Gaming Spotlight and the Hitman Wiki feature can be seen here.

Community Activity

Also, according to QuantCast we have seen a steady increase globally in page views per month, though a modest 10% increase it is still excellent stats from previous years and amounts to 16,600 people visiting the wiki on a monthly basis. This and the hive of activity our dedicated community has been doing over the last few weeks has gained us this attention.

Accolades and Credits

A lot of credit has to go to our dedicated and talented community contributors on the wiki. From the new locations pages added by Thundergamer, to the superb editing infobox creation skills of User:Alex007X, Third-afflication of Hitman Asylum for his images and we can't forget that Vatsa1708 revamped our main page entirely (and he is truly a genius when it comes to wiki coding, editing and images). Thanks guys, you Rock! Oh, and I haven't forgotten about you either Sector 36 and all the corrections you have worked on in the background too, you too have done a great job on the trivia sections of the weapons and walkthrough articles.

Finally, I would like to thank Nesty, who worked tirelessly in applying all of Alex's character infoboxes on top of all her editing on the wiki too. Behind the scenes Nesty helped get this promotion to the spotlight through her awesome 'crat skill, and affiliation negotiations.


I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome a new user Abbuw, who have been diligently working on improving the factual aspects of our weapons pages. Welcome Abbuw (and all other new users too) and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Remember to check back next week where I will be revealing some new information about the Hitman series and Hitman: Absolution in the monthly news blog, the Daily Hitman.

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