Merry Christmas Eve guys!

I've been doing some research and tinkering these past few days, which is why my activity has been rather minimal. Some of it has to do with whats in my sandbox, but I've also been working on some graphics and other projects for the wiki.

Our mission template has been updated, finally. You'll find its been modernized, organized a little better, and just plain looks better.

I'll be sweeping through and updating other templates in the coming days. Now that I have the framework down for one, it's just a matter of determining how to organize information for other things, such as locations, characters, people (developers & voice actors), organizations, and weapons.

While I respect the work done by the original template creators, I personally feel like it's about time this wiki shines and gets brought up to par with the others out there.

I've gone through and updated all mission pages; the universal changes were removing the banners and removing the image size stipulation. From here on out, mission display images will be shown at 271 pixels by default if they're larger than that. The table itself will remain a static 275 pixels.

Let me know what you guys think of it.

- Khrodes

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