Hey guys:

It's been another long evening here for me. I created two new templates; one for voice actors, and another for accurately displaying birth dates and ages without having to manually update the persons age every time it's their birthday.

Format for voice actors:

|image      =
|birthday   =
|birthplace =
|voices     =
|appear     =

Format for birthday:


For the birthday, only use the month's numeric representation. My birthday, for example, would be: {{BirthDateandAge|1993|8|19}} = 19 1993 (1993-08-19) (age 24)

This way, the age of the person will automatically be calculated when the page is checked, rather than having to be manually changed. If a certain aspect of the birth date isn't known, just type it in rather than using the template.

I also updated the template for the Absolution missions. There was some white gaps in the old table that were driving me insane. Here is the new one:

Missions in Hitman: Absolution
Prologue A Personal Contract
Chicago The King of Chinatown - Terminus - Run For Your Life - Hunter and Hunted - Rosewood
Hope, South Dakota Welcome to Hope - Birdie's Gift - Shaving Lenny - End of the Road - Dexter Industries - Death Factory - Fight Night - Attack of the Saints - Skurky's Law - Operation Sledgehammer
Chicago One of a Kind - Blackwater Park - Countdown
Epilogue Absolution

I saw in one of the admins sandboxes (a couple, actually) that yellow should be the corresponding color for voice actors and other personnel involved with the game, so that's what color I made the header. Its a little dark, to allow contrast and not sting the eyes when reading the title, but if you guys feel it needs to be changed, let me know.

So far I have applied the template to all voice actors for Blood Money and Absolution. I'll be moving on to Contracts shortly.

I also plan on updating the other templates I've made to match the format of the voice actor one, since I think its a little cleaner and easier to work through.

I hope you guys are having a great holiday season; Christmas is just around the corner! (So is 2013...Hitman HD Trilogy here we come!) :)

- Khrodes