Hey folks:

I haven't really been doing too much these past couple of days. I've been taking care of some business. Last night I took the time to create a template for organizations/companies (the inconsistencies among all the pages were driving me nuts), and I went through and updated them. Here it is:

|image       = 
|leader      = 
|status      = 
|members     = 
|assoc       = 
|appear      = 
|motto       =
|company     = 

The first 7 parameters can be used for any organization/company, and then the 8th (company) parameter can be used to determined what the sole focus of the company is for Company pages (i.e. Dexter Industries = Arms Manufacturing).

I went through and updated all of the pages, so now all of the organization/company pages use the same infobox...a lot less of a headache and eyesore. Aside from that I've just been fact checking and searching for smaller errs.

Hope you all are doing well. :)

- Khrodes

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