Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I've updated the Character infobox to be of a similar style to the mission and weapon/item templates. There are no new fields so the transition was smooth. For now the header portion of the infobox tables are white. I was looking through Alex007X's templates sandbox (here) and settled on white. The Media and Staff categories already follow this color code, though Missions and Weapons are currently reversed. Of course if we have a general consensus on another color, that's fine too.

I've also updated the revamp template. It now matches the style of the imageneed and stub templates.

I was hopping around a bunch of wikis yesterday after the "Advanced Ways to Customize Your Wiki" webinar, and I saw something I thought was a brilliant idea. Over at the Call of Duty Wiki it's called the Improvement Drive. Articles are voted on by the community to become the focus of improvement until they are up to the wikis standards (apparently this is a somewhat common practice, but I never ventured outside of Hitman Wiki).

I think a similar system would be beneficial here. Right now, as editors, we're almost sort of wandering, for lack of a better term. I'm not sure; it's food for thought anyways.

My personal goal for the remainder of the weekend is to get all of the infoboxes for the weapons from the earlier Hitman games up to par with Absolution, and then backtrack through Absolution.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. I hope 2013 is treating you well so far!

- Khrodes

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