Hello everyone:

Merry Christmas!

I've recently updated the weapon infobox. It follows a similar formatting to the mission one I updated earlier this week. There are several new fields that can be determined. With this I hope to display more information in a precise, simple way to keep the wiki clean and easy to follow. Here is the new template.

|title          =
|image          =
|clip capacity  =
|concealable    =
|two-handed     =
|breakable      =
|contracts mode =
|caliber        =
|length         =
|weight         = 
|appear         =
|base           =
|item           =
  • breakable - used to determine if a melee weapon breaks upon use.
  • contracts mode - used to determine if a firearm can be used as a starter weapon in Contracts Mode.
  • base - used to display what a firearm's real-life counterpart is.
  • item - used to determine if an object is an item or a weapon. Filling this parameter will hide the "In-game information" and "Technical specifications" headers.

For melee weapons, please leave the "clip capacity", "contracts mode", "caliber", "base", and "item" fields empty.

For firearms, please leave the "breakable" and "item" fields empty.

For items, please leave all fields empty EXCEPT for "image", "appear", and "item". Filling "item" will inform the infobox to hide the "In-game specifications" and "Technical specifications" headers.

I've done my best to make the new template use similar parameters as the old one, but some of it had to be switched around. When adding images to an item or weapon, please make the image size a maximum of 296px by doing the following: [[File:A_Personal_Contract.png|296px]]The way the table is designed, this 2px padding on the left and right will make the image look like it is "set" into it.

The table also supports bullet points like the last one, but they expand the line width when used. As such, I think they should only be used in certain occasions, such as uncertainty of age (like Blake Dexter or Jade Nguyen) or multiple possible calibers for weapons.

I hope your guys' Christmas has been a great one! :)

- Khrodes

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