Hitman Fantasy Hit

I'm sure we all know characters in the world of gaming that we wish we'd never met. These characters always manage to get on your nerves (Navi anyone?) or just seem impossible to defeat (Professor K). Personally I wouldn't mind at all if these characters were to suddenly "disappear". And if you need someone to disappear, who do you call? Yes, the International Contract Agency! They are well willing to "take care" of your problem, and if you're willing to pay for his services, they'll even send Agent 47 to do the job.

The question is though, which gaming character do you want 47 to take care of the most? And how much is this worth to you? Well, this is your chance to show to the world which gaming character you want to get rid of the most. All you have to do is write a mission briefing for 47 describing the hit. Be sure to include who you want 47 to kill, how 47 should kill the target, and where the hit should happen. If you need examples for your briefing, have a look at the mission briefings from previous Hitman games.

After you're done, leave your mission briefing in the comments. Next week we'll compile a poll of all submitted hits, where you to vote on your favorite hit! Good luck!

For example, I can not stand Navi, from Zelda. Here's what my hit would look like:

Hello, 47. Your next assignment will take place in the Kokiri Forest in the kingdom of Hyrule. Our client has had quite enough of a certain fairy accompanying a young boy dressed in green clothing. This blue fairy is quite notorious for the constant "advice" she gives to the young boy. As the client is not capable of eliminating her himself, he called in our help to rid the world of this terrible being. The client has expressed that under no circumstance the young boy may be harmed. He also asked us to make the hit look like an accident. This won't be easy, 47, as the fairy never leaves the young boy's side. I'm sure you'll find a suitable way to take care of her though. Good luck, 47.


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