Hey i know it's already planned to create but i have some suggestions how it would be for last everyone going to hate me:

  • Better biger maps as big as was in Hitman:Codename 47
  • 90 ways how to complete every mission
  • Every single weopen of past 6 games (actually Absolution is 6th 'cause of Sniper Challange)
  • maximum it would take about 20 GB
  • Unique missions not damned memories as in Contracts god damn it we already saw it!only the fans that ain't played first part could play big part of the game...with out those missions it would be one of the epic!
  • WARNING!for this i get kicked out of the wiki becose of main game protaganist hatred!read at your own risk:

Hitman is 63 years old and not protaganist anymore!the new protaganist is 24 years old Victoria!!!yeah he WAS an best silent assassin in gaming history but already in Absolution he was 53 years old so after 10 years he is such old he can't kill anymore look at Vito Coreleone he almost dead do you want same thing would happen to hitman?the time passes okay only time question when he can be replaced by some like Chunky doll or Sam Fisher better Victoria then Sam in Hitman series...Hope one day Hitman will return as another memories flashback at least and one day we will see again a Silent Assassin as young but smart Professional Stalth King i personaly think that hitman on those 14 years get "Stealth Father and God" nickname!

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