i think that he or his brother raped her before killing becose she seems to have black eyes for crying so i think that thing what campel sturrock did to the girl before handing her over to his brother malcom to kill her it actualy could be right for these facts:

1.she eyes seems to be black for sturock before raping her colored and dress her as slut after she was raped she was crying

2.why she is in meat bag???i think becose she was naked sturocks brother can't leave her naked on meat blooded floor if someone going to enter room while he is not in it photo her hair is nicely good but in room her hair is free

4.if she with clothes then why you can almost see her boobs poping out of meat bag

5.i think if you will good look at room you will find shoes meat cleaver machine it is i remeber moving but no blood is around shredder it could be destroyng evidences of her raping shredding her clothes...

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