i'm interesting to know did IO inearcetive gonna realese hitman movie game if yes then i hope its grapich gonna be just like hitman 2 becose then was a best graphic and i hope its biggest feature or the only feature going to be chrouch as in absolution but more:

1.dialogs going to be original movie actors only hitman's voice going to be regular in hitman absolution there are:hide and insting system

3.gonna be mission in the hotel where 47 and niko was to catch niko and give her little anastacic xp

4.the start mission with that guy form indian or\afganistan catch him and make him eat eggs full of C-4

5.all the parts from movie must be in game as missions

6.the charachters must be with same clothes\and actions as in movie

7.when need to kill bellicov the helicopter must to be in game fly over the big glass in room and shoot to all the furnitures and bellicov no real world actions

8.missions have to have an names with mission tough i never saw the names of absolution or dont remeber but yeah

9.finaly last feature if you dont read start of blog:crouch must be the same as absolution

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