• Raniero R

    This is a small story I wrote whilst on a small road-trip to a Music Festival (I'll try to skip the colloquiums now because I understand that I'm kind of dragging this bracket speech-impediment along). It has been formatted in paragraphs and mostly free of spelling mistakes and what-not. I'm sorry if I am not aloud to put these things here.


    Feel free to leave a response/review at the bottom. But keep it clean! Think about the kids, man! (non-pedophilia way of course (⌒-⌒; )

    The frigid snow gathered peacefully along my rifle, as I viewed the Russian Senate's personal condo through a scope. It is a slow winter and our client has set an unique contract. Sergeyvich Nazaruk has been accredited and is set for an unexpected fatality. I discovere…

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