I loved the disguise pages that Khrodes were doing for Absolution... And it was most disappointing to see him stop after that.

So I've begun creating disguise pages for the remaining games. Taking the pictures can be slightly problematic, as unlike Absolution, you actually have to find them in-game and then take the picture. And I haven't found a good way to take frontal pictures, so all the pictures from Codename 47 will be from behind. I think the same will happen to Silent Assassin and Contracts.

I am almost done with Codename 47 now. Mainly to remind myself, or if anybody else wants to make any, here's a list of the ones I haven't done yet:

Traditions of the Trade: Dentist (this one is so annoying to collect! It's also one of the worst disguises in the series, as it doesn't actually enable you to do anything you can't do in the suit, but it does make it possible for your cover to get blown!), Hotel Guard Plutonium Runs Loose: All 3 disguises. I also don't know what they're called. The Setup: Dr. Kovacs, SWAT

On the positive side, many of the disguises overlap with Hitman: Contracts, and so we'll only need to create one article to cover both games.

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