Hello, all. It's me TLR... You probably guesssed that already because... Well... This is my blog.

Anyway, onto the news:

  • I'm opening a little "company" on the wiki, which makes userboxes. THe userboxes will either be requested awarded. (Award example on Kal's userpage.)
  • Any user, who wants to work for THe Userbox Company, must leave a comment saying so in the comments. The comment MUST state why you want to join, and what skills you have. The posotions open now are:
  1. The Assaisstant coder;
  2. The ideas man;
  3. The image man.

Once everyone has stated his/her opinion, I will see which one of them can do best and recruit "the best of the best!"

Happy editing ^^

IMPORTANT NOTE: One requested userbox per user!

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