Hitman: Absolution was released last week and since then I have spent numerous hours playing the game. In my playing of the game, I have compiled a list of things that I think are unique and I hereby present you with the following list of 5 Things You Need to Know.

Point Shooting

One of the newest additions to this game was the concept of Point Shooting. Point shooting is integral in taking out a wide variety of enemies at once. Sure, it's not the sneakiest method of killing, but I will take efficient over sneaky any day of the week. However, it is still worth noting that the use of point shooting will drain your Instinct Mode.

Hitman Absolution - Point shooting14:11

Hitman Absolution - Point shooting



There are a wide variety of Disguises throughout Hitman: Absolution. Some of the more unique ones include the - Hope Goon in Terminus, the Chipmunk in Hunter and Hunted, and the Barber in the mission Staged Accident.

Keep in mind, an important gameplay note is that disguises no longer completely conceal your identity. If you get too close to someone, they will become suspicious. Agent 47 has the ability to conceal his identity by using his Instinct to cover his face.

Hitman Absolution Introducing Disguises02:31

Hitman Absolution Introducing Disguises


In an intense game where killing is such a focus, this game has a surprisingly good amount of humor placed within in. Take for example, the mission Run For Your Life will find you crashing into an apartment full of hippies in the area known as the Shangri La Garden. In their apartment you will find ample amounts of Bongs that you can then proceed to use against your enemies.

Hitman Absolution Run For Your Life Silent Assassin Walkthrough20:49

Hitman Absolution Run For Your Life Silent Assassin Walkthrough

Accidents Happen

One of the core gameplay elements from previous Hitman games, Staged Accidents remains in-tact. Look around throughout the various missions and you will likely encounter some of these opportunities. For example, in the mission Run For Your Life in the Harold Washington Library, you have the ability to drop chandeliers onto your enemies.



This series features a wide variety of different locations. From the nightclubs like Vixen Club and The Shark Club to restaurants like Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant and the Wang Fou Restaurant, there is always a fresh approach to the environments that Agent 47 finds himself in. For a complete listing of the locations in this series, please view Locations.

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