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Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra was a Cuban crime lord who came to America in 1980 and teamed up with Sammy Falconetti and Bobby Mazur to smuggle large amounts of cocaine in the 1990s. After he was caught by the FBI, he was killed by Agent 47.


Early life

Vinnie Sinistra was a Cuban crime lord who originally came to America in the Mariel boatlift of 1980, later to team up with Sammy Falcone and Bobby Manillo to smuggle in large amounts of cocaine from the Bahamas, into Florida in the 1980s and 90s.

The three of them became some of America's most wanted criminals in the process, and killed a man in witness protection named Luis Arbelda. In those years he became much more carefree, and thought himself to be invincible.

Witness protection

Vinnie was caught by the FBI, and ironically went into witness protection himself after snitching on Falcone and Manillo. The FBI caught him after a month-long manhunt, gave him the new identity "James" and moved him into a wealthy gated community in Del Mar, California. In a very short amount of time, he was bored to death of the suburbs, lamenting he would "literally die of it!". His two former partners ordered him killed as he was planning a birthday party for his youngest child "next Sunday" (May 16, 2004).

He is married to an attractive white female, and "trusts her completely" even though he is usually extremely paranoid and she cheats on him with house staff. Together they have two or more children; judging by their home decor they are a teenage girl, a baby boy, and possibly more that are young adults.


Vinnie was tall muscular man, standing at 6'2 and weighing 220 pounds. He had balding black hair, a long mustache and blue eyes. During the mission he wore a orange and yellow Hawaiian t-shirt with purple shorts and a gold chain.

In his shirt he carried a Raging Bull revolver (dubbed the Bull .480) that he frequently drew when he became paranoid during his walks around the house. He also occasionally go to the living room and watch television.



  • He is somewhat based on Tony Montana, the main character of the film Scarface. Both are Cubans who arrived on the Mariel Boatlift, and share many mannerisms. Mrs. Sinistra is also a parody of Elvira, Tony's wife. Another target partially based on Tony Montana is Pablo Ochoa.
  • If anything happens that could endanger his life, Vinnie will run and hide into a closet and draw his Bull .480. The closet is the door in the wall behind the sofa Vinnie sits on while he watches TV, stronger ammunition from your custom weapons can be used to kill him if this happens.
  • Although Vinnie is paranoid when going to the 2nd floor, looking for his revolver, he will not respond to any way if you knock him out, take his gun, and let someone wake him up. As a matter of fact, even without a weapon he will say "oh, there it is"
  • He keeps a purple chopper motorcycle with a zebra print seat in his garage.

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