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Vito Đurić (also known as "The Gunrunner") was an elusive target who appeared in the mission A Gilded Cage on July 1st-July 4th, 2016.


Among those in the know, Vito Đurić is a celebrity. He is a charismatic arms dealer and sanction buster with the reputation of being able to acquire anything for anyone. The ICA notes his involvement in almost every covert conflict of the past decade. The target has been the subject of an international arrest order for the past five years but has avoided or escaped arrest thanks to the support of his clients. It seems likely that he is considered useful by various intelligence agencies and thus enjoys a measure of protection from international justice.

Such protection does not apply to the attentions of the ICA, however. The contract indicates that the target will be in Marrakesh as part of an arms deal supplying Reza Zaydan's forces in connection with a planned coup.


  • Crystal Dawn is a former client of the target.
  • The target seems to be connected to Xander Haverfoek, considering they are involved in a diamond conflict in Zimbabwe.

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