Vladimir Zhupikov was the last Russian general encountered by 47. He was killed by 47 himself whilst attending a party at the German Embassy.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Fearing for his life, Zhupikov defected to Germany in order to gain political asylum there. He also took with him a missile guidance system, which he intended to sell to the highest bidder after he arrived in Germany.

47 assassinated Zhupikov and recovered the guidance system, despite an attempt by a Spetsnaz agent to claim the system for his own superiors.


  • The General has a heart problem due to his exccessive drinking and smoking requiring him to go to the bathroom more often.
  • He is left-handed
  • The General engages in a flirtatious behaviour with the Maid in one of the upstairs room sometimes spanking her on the buttocks.
  • He has a habit of stopping waiters wherever he encounters them and taking away wine cocktaills which are meant for the party guests. This could be explained becuase of his alcoholism.


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