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The W2000 Sniper is customizable weapon in Hitman: Blood Money.


Upgrade Cost Effect
Low Velocity Ammo $50,000 Less recoil, less noise
Armor piercing ammo $100,000 More damage, penetrates doors


Upgrade Cost Effect
Double Clip Capacity $50,000 Higher rate-of-fire
Bolt action $150,000 More precision, lower rate-of-fire (requires lightweight frame)


Upgrade Cost Effect
Lightweight Stock $50,000 Less recoil, more precision


Upgrade Cost Effect
Silencer Type 1 $100,000 Less noise, less damage
Silencer Type 2 $200,000 Least noise, less damage


Upgrade Cost Effect
Scope Type 1 $75,000 More zoom, more precision
Scope Type 2 $200,000 Most zoom, most precision


Upgrade Cost Effect
Lightweight Frame $50,000 Required for bolt action
Carbon Fiber Barrel $150,000 Less recoil, more precision
Extra Ammo $75,000 2 extra magazines, larger magazines
Laser Sight $70,000 Higher precision, Laser Pointer


  • The bolt action is a single-shot mechanism, extremely accurate, and ideal for hunting down a single target, but you will have less ammo (1 in the chamber and 29 in reserve, extra ammo purchased, which double capacity ammo has 12 in magazine and 24 rounds in reserve)
  • Scope Type 2 feature the range finder, this should help you aim at moving targets. It is one of the best optic in Blood Money. Also, the Scope Type 2 is the scope used by WA2000 in real life, though it lacks the range finder.
  • While equipped with the bolt action upgrade, the assembly animation acts as if it still has the normal/double clip.
  • The Double Capacity clip is slightly longer than normal one.
  • (Custom) Sniper Rifle ammo looks like the clip used by the W2000 Sniper.
  • The lightweight frame can reduce the movement greatly while zooming, it also keeps the rifle stable while moving slowly.
  • The Low Velocity ammo can reduce noise, this is useful if 47 doesn't enough funds to purchase a silencer.
  • Armor Piercing sniper ammo can open a locked door and kill someone behind it, the downside is the fact of it being noisy and can very easily cause extra casualties. This round is capable of killing 3 NPCs if they line up. To avoid killing non target NPCs, using normal or low velocity ammunition is recommended if you are going for SA rating.

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