The Walkie Talkie is an item found in the mission The Murder of Crows in Hitman: Blood Money, the fourth game in the franchise. The Walkie Talkie is held by the three assassins and targets Angelina Mason, Mark Purayah II, and Raymond Kulinsky, on a mission to assassinate a poltician at the New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade. Obtaining a walkie talkie in the mission will allow you to discover the locations of your three targets during the mission, but serves no other purpose, though capturing it is vital to finding the location of Raymond Kulinsky, the trigger man, who can be in one of three different locations randomly, or Mason as she enters the crowds and stops off. However, on the Rookie difficulty, all three targets are visible from the start. This is the only appearance the Walkie Talkie makes in any of the game's missions. 

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