The Worn M590 12ga is a shotgun in Hitman: Absolution. Despite being worn-down and dirty, the gun is still lethal in the right hands.


"Intended for use in harsh conditions, such as combat or hunting waterfowl, the M590 pump-action shotgun is easy to clean and maintain. This particular gun is heavily worn, but still functional."


  • Terminus: In the check-in/check-out room, across from the evidence; carried by some goons.
  • Fight Night: In the arena, in the gun storage room on the second floor. The keycard is required.


  • M590 12ga: Clean and more reliable. It is the base variant.
  • Police M590 12ga: A clean, advanced version commonly found in use by the police. This version can be used in Contracts mode.


The weapon is based on the real life Mossberg 590.[1]




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