Xander Haverfoek (also known as "The Fixer") was an Elusive Target in the 2016 release HITMAN™.


The target is Xander Haverfoek, dual citizen of Thailand and the Netherlands. He has an extended history as "The Fixer" for Claus Hugo Strandberg, specializing in dealing with issues that the banker does not wish to involve himself in.

The client indicates that Strandberg as acquired a package of conflict diamonds, and he plans to move them out of Marrakesh. Given that he is now unable to travel the streets of Marrakesh on his own, he will have to use his fixer to hand the diamonds over to a courier somewhere in the city's marketplace. The target is a skilled covert operator and is unlikely to be simply carrying the diamonds himself. The ICA expects, therefore, that he will meet a courier and arrange a covert handoff in the city at some point during the day.

The contract requires both that the diamonds are retrieved and the target eliminated. Make sure to discover the location of the diamonds before moving on to the target.


  • According to IO Interactive, this elusive contract has the lowest sucess rate with only 23%.
  • The target seems to be connected to Vito Đurić, considering they are involved in a diamond conflict in Zimbabwe.

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