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Yakuza, also known as gokudō , are members of traditional real-life organized crime syndicates in Japan.


During Hitman 2: Silent Assassin one of the largest Yakuza real-life syndicates Yamaguchi-Gumi appears and is led by Masahiro Hayamoto.


In Hitman: Enemy Within, Goto Osami, one of the ICA's board members, is mentioned to be a member of the Yakuza.


  • The name Yakuza comes from "893" (yattsu, ku, san).

This name originates from a card game called oichokabu (おいちょかぶ), which is usually played with a deck of hanafuda (花札) "flower cards". (A normal deck of cards can also be used if the Kings, Queens, and Jacks are removed and the aces are regarded as 1). A player's score in this game is decidand using only the smallest digit. So because 8 + 9 + 3 = 20 = 0 points, "8-9-3" means "no points". So the original meaning of yakuza (ya for yattsu, eight, ku for "nine" and za for san, "three" was "no points" or "useless". Later, this meaning changed to "useless people" or "gambling people".

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