You Better Watch Out... is the seventh mission in Hitman: Blood Money. Agent 47 is assigned to kill pornography tycoon Lorne de Havilland, and Chad Bingham, Jr., the son of Senator Bingham.


  • Lorne de Havilland
  • Chad Bingham Jr.
  • Mysterious Female Assassin



Mission Information


The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

Hello, 47.

Your next assignment’s in the Rocky Mountains. Senator Bingham is being blackmailed by pornography tycoon Lorne de Havilland, who has a compromising video of the senator's son, Chad. The video shows Chad playing a little too rough with a nightclub dancer during a creative sexual tryst at one of de Havilland’s adult nightclubs. The girl didn't survive the encounter.

Senator Bingham’s involved in a tight re-election campaign. The video could cost him the election. So could any future misbehavior by his son. Our client wants Havilland and Chad taken out. He also wants the videotape. The client's arranged for Chad to attend de Havilland’s annual Christmas party at the porn tycoon’s mountain estate. We’ve got a recent photo of Chad but de Havilland is camera-shy and the most recent picture we could get our hands on is ten years old. This won’t be easy, 47. The property isn't heavily guarded, but there will be heavy security on the premises.

Diana Burnwood


You Better 01

Agent 47 inside the party.

  • Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
  • The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the grotto's!
  • Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.
  • Even small, annoying dogs eat sausages.
  • The glass-bottomed outdoor Jacuzzi looks down on the pier 70 feet below.
  • Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
  • Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
  • Lorne recently hired a former US Air Force helicopter pilot.


  1. Kill Lorne de Havilland.
  2. Kill Chad Bingham, Jr.
  3. Retrieve the video tape.
  4. Escape the Rocky Mountains.



  • SLP .40 - Used by most guards and in many weapon stashes.
  • TMP - Used by some bodyguards and in weapon stashes on the Studio Floor and on the Helipad.


  • Kitchen Knife - In the kitchen on the restaurant floor, several of them can be found.




  • The name of the mission is a reference to the holiday song Santa Claus is Coming To Town, a nod to the mission's Christmas setting, and also served a warning to Agent 47 that an unknown assassin who was hunting for him, is in the mission as well.
  • Several sudden changes to the background story were made during development, and left uncorrected. The drunken Santa Claus claims that it's April, and Diana's briefing claims it's a Tax Day party (which fell on April 15 in 2004). The bartender calls Chad Bingham "the Gubernatorial mistake" if the player keeps talking to him, suggesting Bingham Sr. was originally cast as a Governor instead of a Senator. Also the sudden absence of the US Air Force Pilot and instead a cutscene of 47 piloting the helicopter at the conclusion of the mission.
  • This is the only mission that killing the optional target adds no money or affect the rating, same goes for leaving it alone.
  • In cracked versions of Hitman: Blood Money, this level has a glitch that causes the game to crash whenever the player throws or drops any item, including the coin and remote mines, or stops dragging a corpse.
  • On some of the mansion's walls, (e.g. in de Havilland's bedroom) there are illustrations with two different Japanese/Chinese characters: 体 = body; 女 = woman.
  • In the Hitman: Absolution level One of a Kind, there is a newspaper article displayed on a wall about the Bingham-de Havilland assassination. It shows a clear photograph of Agent 47's face along with reports of four additional deaths and one other injury, showing that Agent 47 will sometimes "slip up" in his missions.
  • In total there are 90 NPC's you can kill.
  • De Havilland's dog counts as a witness.
  • The tape the player must acquire is titled "Governor's Son."
  • If you manage to drag the unconscious girl from behind the couch, where the assassin tries to kill you, out into plain sight, the following is most likely to happen: the guard in the hallway will spot her and wake her up, she'll get up disorientated and then suddenly collapse again, the guard will search around suspiciously looking and when he's done, he'll call for backup and start shooting the now unconscious girl.
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